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Billing & Payment Questions

  1. Is it safe to purchase my CEU courses online from
  2. How long will it take to access my course after purchasing it?
  3. Do I need a Paypal® account to purchase a CEU course from

General Questions


How do I access my course?


All purchased courses can be access on a student’s My-Courses page. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to enter your user name and password. After entering your information, click “log in” and you will be taken to your account page. Here you will see a list of your courses, clicking on the blue course title will begin your course.


Do I have to finish my course all at once?


No. CE Made Simple courses save your progress as you move through the course. Every time you pass a course quiz, all of your progress is automatically saved. You can then come back anytime you want and pick up where you left off.


I’m having trouble logging in to take my course. Can you help?


Absolutely. Most log-in problems stem from mismatched username and passwords. If you lose your password you can reset it here. This should take care of 99.9% of log-in issues.

Please check your spam or junk mail folders as your password reset email has a good chance of ending up here instead of your inbox.

When you register on, your account information including username and password is sent to the email address you registered with.  This information will help you log-in to your account to access your courses.  If you have tried this and are still having issues. Contact the proctor and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Do I need a codebook to complete CE Made Simple courses?


Not every CE Made Simple course requires a codebook.  Our fully Illustrated courses give you everything you need in order to complete the course.  Our UPC Review Question courses are recommended to be completed with reference to the code book in which it references.  Each course description will tell you what is required to complete that particular course.

We do strongly recommend having access to the most current codebook for any jurisdiction in which you have a license.  Although not required for every CE Made Simple plumber continuing education course, it is a good policy as a trade professional to have access to the most up-to-date code law body to reference.


Codebooks can be purchased from Iapmo’s online bookstore here.

How do I redeem CE Made Simple offers?


Offer codes for CE Made Simple courses can be redeemed on your cart page before checkout. Below your cart, you can enter your coupon code and click apply. This will automatically redeem your coupon. Remember, some coupon codes are specific and can be used only once.

I want to purchase more than one course or courses for more than one student. How do I do it?


Because of AHJ tracking requirements, we require that students have and complete courses their own account on  This is so we can properly track and give credit to the plumber who completes them.  All it takes is an email address to set up an account – if you don’t have an email, you can easily create one here.

If you are looking to purchase courses for your employees and need help setting up multiple accounts, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Every time you purchase a course, we ask for your license information so we can make sure it’s include on your certificate of completion.  If you have any questions regarding setting up an account for you or someone else, give us a call (888)223-1057 and we’ll be happy to help!

How do I get my certificate of completion for my CEU course?


Simple. Just log-in to your account, navigate to your My-Courses page, click on “Completed Courses” and select the blue “View Certificate” link for the corresponding course.

Access to course certificates of completion are available for 30 days after a course is completed.  We recommend you download your certificate as soon as possible.

Each certificate is in PDF format for easy printing or emailing. You will need Adobe Reader to properly access PDF’s.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click on the link below to download it – It’s free and safe to download!

My certificate has inaccurate information. What do I do?


If you believe that your certificate has inaccurate information please contact the proctor so we can verify your information is correct and update it if necessary. This includes name misspellings, incorrect plumbing license numbers, etc.  It’s important that we have updated information so you get proper credit for your hard work!  Contact us Here.

What happens if I fail the course?


You can take a course as many times as needed in order to get a passing grade. There is no extra charge for retakes. You aren’t penalized in any way for failing a course. In order to get credit for taking a course, you must successfully complete it prior to any state state licensing deadlines – so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish. If you aren’t sure when your state deadline is, check with your local plumbing board.


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Billing & Payment Questions


Is it safe to purchase my CEU courses online from


Yes. We take your personal information very seriously. That is why we offer two safe and secure ways to purchase courses on  We use Stripe® and Paypal® to process all of our online transactions.  Each option gives buyers the best in safety and protection for the personal payment data.

If you aren’t convinced, please give us a call and we will register you for your course over the phone.


How long will it take to access my course after purchasing it?


Your course will be available immediately after your payment is sent. You will also receive payment confirmation via email. If you don’t see your course listed on your account page within ten to twenty minutes after purchasing it, please contact us.


Do I need a Stripe® or Paypal® account to purchase a CEU course from


No. We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal® payments.

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